Star Valley

تنگه چاهکوه
Strait of Chahkuh
September 6, 2017
غار نمکدان قشم
Salt cave
September 6, 2017
دره ستارگان قشم

History of the Star Valley

The valley of stars is about 2 million years old, caused by the erosion of soil, sandstone and sand caused by wind, rain and storms, is a rare masterpiece of nature on the beautiful island of Qeshm. The age of the Star Valley is related to the Cenozoic Geological Period (about 2 million years).

The northern side of Qeshm Island, near the village of Khalkh, has exhibited its strange geological complication. According to Anobanini, locals believe that a star has fallen from the sky and has created odd shapes of soil and rock and sand.

From the city of Qeshm, which is heading towards its southern coast, it reached the village of Khaki Pond. The village of Pale Khalaf is located 5 km from the southern coast of the island. In the north of the village is one of the most beautiful erosion phenomena on the island. The people of the area say that they are in the village (sometimes they are starved). However, the name of the valley of stars has been replaced by a few geological phenomena.

Continuing the road, the road is the land that leads you to the valley of stars. The following is the exact text of the guide board installed in the valley of the stars!

“The valley of stars, which the indigenous people have fallen to the star, or the lake, also say the most beautiful erosion phenomena on Qeshm’s vast island, people believe that after the collapse of a star in this place and a strike impact, the earth has risen from the ground. And it has dried up in any shape and such a problem has arisen.

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Some people believe that with the darkening of the air, the valley has become a ghost, but so far, the truth of such a thing has not been proven.

Due to the special shape of the valley and the types of volumes and erosion phenomena in it, there are striking winds and airflows along the columns and holes in the valley of production, and because of these voices, the people believe that darkening The air of this valley is the source of ghosts and ghosts, so they refuse to enter the water at night.

According to an ancient legend of the islanders, the Valley of the Stars came to light at night, and spirits and goblins know that this belief has not yet been proven scientifically.

The features and visions of the valley of the stars led to the registration of the valley as part of Qeshm Island Geopark as a natural phenomenon in the UNESCO Organization. Qeshm Geo Park is the only geo-park of the Middle East with natural and historical beauty.

The beauty of the valley of stars in the moonlit night at the moments where silence sweeps everywhere and the sky and stars are felt in the immediate vicinity of the earth.

Two is so. In the corners of the columns and the valley of the stars, there are tight, narrow, and sometimes wide and wide roads, which, with their own special order, dazzles the eyes of every visitor.

The valley of the stars and the Chah-kuh valley is a wonderful phenomenon in the erosion of the sedimentary rocks of the earth. The valley of stars, which, according to the indigenous people, has fallen on that star and at night is the lion, is very visible and we see similar geological or geomorphologic shapes in the United States alone. Which can attract many tourists.

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The valley or strait of Chah Mountain Valley, at a depth of 100 meters, is another indication of the erosion of sedimentary rocks. Gonbad and salt caves are located south of Qeshm Island, and on a road to our soil, it is difficult to access, salt layers Which relate to new geological periods, has risen in dealing with earthquake faults and created salt domes. Inside this salt dome, there is a salt cave. The saline No. 3 of Qeshm, with a length of 6000 meters, is the largest salt goose in the world. Through this cave, a spiral river cave with a stroke depth and stunningly stoglomites make it wonderfully They have loans.

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