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Hotel Fulton Coffee Shop

After a long excursion on Qeshm Island, nothing feels as good as a cup of fresh tea or a cool ice cream jar. You do not have to think for such moments of pleasure except for the Fulton Hotel. The Fulton Hotel has a fully equipped coffee shop, where you can order any hot or cold desserts. The Fulton Hotel's coffee shop is not just in its diverse menu. The atmosphere of this coffee shop is also very lovely and spectacular. The almonds decorated with the traditional elements of Qeshm Island have created a very warm and warm atmosphere that you can sit inside while enjoying the delightful wind that flows from the Gulf of Persia, looking at the green and lovely Fulton Hotel, the warm drink Soak your cold and fatigue on a day trip to Qeshm Island. The Fulton Hotel's diverse menu offers a variety of pastries, dishes and dishes. Fulton Restaurant's dishes are prepared with first grade ingredients. The issue of quality food is, in any case, important for the management of the Hotel Fulton. If you are a guest of this hotel, you must order at least 2 hours before the meal, and order your favorite meal at the restaurant. . In this way, the purchase of raw materials for the dish that is ordered is done on the same day.

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Fulton Hotel Restaurant

Eating quality food is one of the most important needs and concerns of travelers during the trip. If the food you choose to eat is not fresh enough, you do not have good, first-class ingredients, do not like the flavor, or it's not compatible with your temper, you will certainly be in trouble. This problem can be a reluctance for you and your children to eat or have more problems, such as digestive diseases, which undoubtedly undermines all the pleasures of traveling. With a well-equipped restaurant, the Fulton Hotel will make your dream come true from any point of view for the food you want to spend on your trip to Qeshm Island.


Raw materials No food at Fulton Hotel is frozen, frozen or canned. Meanwhile, the food is cooked just as much as the order of the day, which means there is no food left in the refrigerator at the Fulton Restaurant. Undoubtedly, the taste of freshly harvested fish and shrimp, or grilled cooked meat, is not comparable to that of cooked rice cooked with rice cooked by the rice, although it is a good food and Decorated. The atmosphere of the Fulton Hotel's boutique restaurant is very warm and lovely. Those who serve in this restaurant are right in the warmth of all the people of the south of the country, and you will think of meals at any time as your guests are their personal home. Put this feature alongside the unrivaled quality of food you will want in this restaurant. Every type of food you like is available at the Fulton Restaurant. The Fulton Restaurant's menu includes Iranian and foreign cuisine, while there are several specialties of Qeshm's people in this menu that you should try on their trip to this island

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