Hotel Fulton Qeshm

Qeshm Island

The beautiful island of Qeshm has pristine attractions and wonders, and is one of the few beautiful islands in the world, which includes an extremely infinite tourist attraction, located in the Strait of Hormuz, with a vast area of about 1500 square kilometers, the largest independent island in the world.

You can enjoy a great deal of enjoyment by choosing a place for the Folton Resorts to enjoy a unique experience.

This collection can make your journey even more fun and more enjoyable.


Recreational, Circulation, Fulton Residency

The Fulton Yates Company started its activity in 2000 in the field of recreational recreational boats for the international market. In 2014, the company's executives set up a recreational, recreational, and resettlement facility in Fulton.

This complex is located in three types of villas, hotels, apartments, ready to welcome guests and tourists.

The villa located at the best point of the island and on a coastal land of 3000 square meters and a 480-meter substructure in the east of Hamoon Basin, which consists of 7 bedrooms (with service) and dining and living areas.

Hotel Fulton

It has 16 units of rooms and 6 suites and 3 apartments of 2.3.4 apartments, each with full facilities (equipped with complete heating and cooling system, free internet and free internet, CCTV cameras, the whole set Covered for your complete security, ...)