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Outdoor Pool at the Fulton Hotel

Undoubtedly, if you are a Qeshm traveler, you will have gone a long way to reach this beautiful island or have been tired of visiting the city and religious sites of the island. To exhaust this tiredness and recycle energy, nothing sweeps into swimming.


The Fulton Hotel's pool is one of the rare facilities in this resort. A spacious outdoor swimming pool with a magnificent view of the glacial Gulf. The closeness to the pool of the Fulton Hotel Qeshm to the sea makes it enjoyable to swim and sunbathe. The Fulton Hotel is the only resort in Qeshm Island with an outdoor swimming pool.

On days when the sun is milder and airy and pleasant, you can sunbathe in the freshwater pool of the Hotel Fulton on the sun terrace.


The Fulton Hotel's management of water-pool cleanliness has a lot of obsession. Therefore, the pool has two separate water purification systems, one of which is the task of ozonating the pool water, and the other with a sandwich system, constantly purges the pool water from any contamination. Also, the automatic chlorination system for water makes the Fulton Hotel's water pool clean and transparent and free from contamination.

Pool Outdoor Pools at the Fulton Hotel

If you want to use the swimming pool at your time at the Fulton Hotel, you should know:

Men: 8-10 AM and 18-23 PM And Ladies: From 10:00 to 16:00

Guests can use the facilities of the Fulton Hotel's outdoor swimming pool for 2 hours.

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Ozonation for swimming pool water, water purification system according to European standards

It is not bad to know Ozonation of water in the pool is one of the most advanced water treatment systems in the world, which also has the pool of the Fulton Hotel Qeshm.

But what happens in the process of ozonizing into the water in the pool and how does the system clean water from swimming pools from any contamination?

All countries that are members of the European Union are obliged to clean and clean their swimming pools in accordance with DIN 19643 standard, with the quality of water in the pool exactly as large as drinking water. This means that the concentration of halothane compounds in the pool water should be less than 35 micrograms per liter.

Because the concentration of halothane compounds in the pool water chlorination process does not provide standards for swimming, European countries have invented another method of water purification in order to raise the level of certainty of clean water and make it completely safe for swimmers swimming. Woman is swimming pool.

Now ozone pool water is the most reliable way to disinfect water. While this method also increases the transparency of water. It is not bad to know that ozonation of water in the pool, unlike clay-clearing water, does not cause itching, burning and skin sensation. This method of water purification makes the pool water more suitable for those who are interested in swimming but suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Certainly, swimming pools that use pure chlorine to clean water does not have a good atmosphere for people with asthma. Ozone has no particular odor, it eliminates the bad smell of water in the pool and, of course, does not change the pH of the water.


The other advantage of the pool water treatment with ozonation technique is that due to increased oxygenation of the water after ozonation, the air in the swimming pools is very clean and sweeping, and swimmers can swim in the pool for hours without feeling tired or on the sun terrace Sit down and enjoy clean and oxygenated air. That's why the management of the Hotel Fulton also uses this method to clean and clean its outdoor pool water. This is not the only water treatment at the Fulton Hotel.

Sandwich system for pool water, purifying water from suspended particles

Pool water purifying devices are equipped with powerful filters that can prevent the passage of any suspended particle in the pool water. The water purification mechanism in the sand filters is initially introduced into the pool water from the top of the reservoir. Subsequently, due to the gravity of the water, the water gradually passes through the bottom of the sand filters and is collected at the bottom of the reservoir. In this process, all suspended particles are absorbed by sand filters.

Finally, the water is refilled through the exhaust pipes out of the reservoir and into the pool water pipe system. Of course, the filters of this type of water purifier only can remove particulate matter that is not smaller than a certain amount. In fact, sand filters will clean water from suspended particles and eliminate water-soluble particles.

For this reason, the management of the Fulton Hotel also uses ozonation and chlorination techniques in addition to using the water purification system to clean it.

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