Fulton Hotel Luxury and Luxury Hotels


One of the most important features of a mass celebration, regardless of whether it's a wedding party or a seminar, birthday or party, is that the invited guests feel comfortable in the ceremony. This means that the venue at which the event is held has enough space for guests, hosts and personnel to travel. Also, all the facilities, such as chairs, tables, dishes, and even extras that are used to beautify the environment, are stylish, clean and sophisticated.

The Fulton Hotel is proud to offer all the facilities and facilities to residents of Qeshm Island, with its luxurious and luxurious halls, to host any wedding ceremony, wedding party, wedding party, birthday, seminar and conferences. Hold these halls.

The Fulton Hotel Deluxe Room Capacity

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors in choosing a suitable hall is its capacity to accommodate a number of guests. The Fulton Qeshm Hotels Forum, with a capacity of 300 people, can host any event. Of course, this capacity is in fact the capacity of the halls, that is, if the number of guests is more than 300 people, the hall management can add more facilities, including the desk and chair, and the change of interior decoration of the hall space.


Fulton Hotel Luxury Hotels

You can order any type of food at the Fulton Hotel Qeshm for guests. The professional cook cooks can prepare a variety of hot and cold Iranian and foreign cuisines, traditional Qeshm food, Finger Foods, pastries and desserts with any number you want as soon as possible.

Serving at the Fulton Hotel Luxury Forum

Facilities for any type of catering and catering are available at the Fulton Hotel's Luxury Forum. If you wish to have your guests on Salfservice, there is a special desk available for this job. Also, there is no limit to the availability of food in the form of dispensing.

Hosts all types of guests

It does not matter what you are going to do. If your party is on the occasion of the return of your loved ones from Mecca or from Karbala, if you want to arrange a wedding for your child and if you want to hold a seminar for different purposes, thanks to your colleagues; however, the Fulton Hotel Luxury Suites Having all the facilities you need to hold any kind of event is at your service.

Hotel Features of the Fulton Hotel Deluxe

It is not possible to hold a happy celebration like a wedding or a birthday without proper music. One of the special features of Deluxe Hotel Fulton Qeshm is that by having a skillful music band that has full control over traditional and modern instruments, it can provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy live, hot, Have fun and gorgeous.


Other features and features of the Qallam Fulton Palace Hotel is a large, enclosed green space. As a result, children at the ceremony can play in this vast space, or guests who plan to breathe fresh in this green space.

Traditional alphabets are also other features of the Fulton Qisham Hall of Fame. The space is very attractive for guests to take photos of, and even brides and grooms can take snapshots of it.


It does not matter what the ceremony you are in. If you are visiting other cities in Iran or even the world, you can safely invite your guests and organize their events, taking into account their comfort and tranquility during the trip. You can book rooms for your guests in the Fulton Hotel or book the family of people who come to your holiday in villas or in the hotel's Fultel apartments.

The Fulton Hotel's luxurious halls are a unique and unique atmosphere on Qeshm Island to hold any event.