Hormuz island

رقص دلفین ها در جزیره هنگام
Hengam Island
September 6, 2017
دیدنیهای جزیره هرمز

Red Soil of Hormuz Island

Due to the presence of minerals, the island of Hormuz has different, especially red, soils that show a new look. The island’s island is very different from the other beaches you’ve ever seen.
On the small island of Hormuz, what is most persistent in the mind is a coast that allows you to sit next to the Gulf waters and enjoy watching the waves. This time the waves come in red and they want to put all the equations in your mind.

This part of the island is covered with red soil and it is also colored due to crosses with sea water. Red soil moves along the waves of the sea to and fro, and adds to the beauty of the shore.
The red sea of ​​sunrise and sunset reveals another and puts a new image on you. With a little patience you can see one of the most beautiful scenes in your life on this beach.

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