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جزایر دریایی حرا
Mangrove forest
September 6, 2017
جزیره ناز قشم

Cute Islands geographic location

Cute Islands 22 km from Qeshm is the only place that can be reached by walking or by private car, one kilometer away in the glacial waters of the Gulf, and is one of the most important attractions of Qeshm tourism. Enjoyed enough.

Cute islands with about three hectares of breadth because of their flatness, due to their 5-10-meter-long rocky walls, and due to lack of sandy beaches, during the water tide, and when the sea water recovers, it creates a slab From land to Qeshm Beach.

Although the time is short, but during this time, travelers can enter the Cay Islands from the height of the Strait of Hormuz, the Lark Island and all the beauties of the creation world from the Gulf of the Gulf, and praise God for all its blessings. They do.

The Directorate General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of the Qeshm Free Zone Organization of the Causeous Islands is a unique tourist site specially for those who are watching for an amazing natural phenomenon for the first time.

Touraj Amani believes that passing by the sea on foot or by car is a wish that will be realized on Qeshm Island every day, and some lovers of nature will take advantage of this opportunity.

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