Salt cave

دره ستارگان قشم
Star Valley
September 6, 2017
دره تندیس ها
Tandis valley
September 6, 2017
غار نمکدان قشم

The geographic position of the salt cave

The saltwater cave is located in the geographical location N263704 E553100 in the province of Hormozgan and Qeshm Island. The Cedar Cave is located 90 km from Qeshm on the western coast of the island and at the heart of Qeshm salt dome of 237 meters above sea level. Salt caves are commonly found in salt domes. If salt domes in arid and semi-arid areas are climatically similar to the south of Iran, due to their low rainfall, they will last longer on the surface of the earth, and there will be a higher probability of creating salt caves. Salt domes are being destroyed due to the high dissolution of salt rock and the opportunity to create a cave in them is very small or they are not long and wide.

In the early studies of salt caves in southern Iran in 1999, 20 surface and depth dissolution phenomena were reported on Hormoz Island, with only 3 cave systems with a length of more than 100 m. There are many surface and deep dissolution phenomena in Qom’s salt dome. The longest cave in this complex (Naqdan Cave 3) is located in the southeast of this dome with a length of 6400 meters as the longest saline cave in the world. Inside the cave, especially in the depths, it is dark, and to see crystalline salt stalactites, you need a bright flashlight. The ceiling is covered with marble crystals and crystalline forms in a variety of forms that have created exquisite landscapes. The flow of salt water on the floor of the cave is also a pleasant sight of the salt caves of Qeshm Island. The humidity of the island’s air and the penetration of the water in the cave cause the water to sink saturated on the body of the candles, which constantly changes its shape or makes new kundils.

  Star Valley

Salt Cave Features

The saltwater cave 3 has a salt lake at a depth of 1 meter at a distance of 160 meters from the mouth of the entrance. The cave has several large and small chambers, the first hall of which lies at a distance of 670 m. It flows from the heart of the saltwater barrier to a permanent groundwater flow that opens the way out and, after dissolving the salt on its way to The shape of the salt spring appears on the slopes of the mountain, creating a white pink in the pit in front of it. The view of this pond is far from snow like winter snow. This spring is flowing throughout the year. Salt salts are known as the best type of salt on the table, and in combination there are other elements such as magnesium, which is why it can be used as medical salt, especially for use by professional athletes as capsules.

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